To enable me to give you accurate and professional advice and recommendation I will need to see some of the following documents; (PLEASE NOTE THAT SCREEN SHOTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NOT ACCEPTED)


  1. Signed Authorisation to Proceed form

  2. Signed GDPR Privacy Notice 

  3. Proof of ID each; Passport or Photo Driving Licence 

  4. Visa (if applicable)

  5. Proof of address each: UK Full Driving Licence photocard or bank statement/utility bill dated in the last 3 months (not online version)

  6. Proof of income if PAYE employed

    • Latest 3 months payslips

    • Any payslip showing a bonus in the last 2 years

    • P60

  7. Proof of income if self employed, hold more than 20% share in your business or have other income;

    • 2016-17 SA302 Tax Calculation (if 2018-19 not available)

    • 2017-18 SA302 Tax Calculation

    • 2018-19 SA302 Tax Calculation (if available)

    • 2016-17 SA302 Tax Year Overview (if 2018-19 not available)

    • 2017-18 SA302 Tax Year Overview

    • 2018-19 SA302 Tax Tax Year Overview (if available)

    • Latest 2 years Final signed Company Accounts

  8. Proof of income in you are a Contractor;

    • Current Contract​

    • Original Contract

    • Any renewed Contracts

  9. Proof of expenditure:

    • Latest 3 months bank statements for all bank accounts held (must display your name)

    • Last 3 months Credit Card statements for all credit cards held

  10. Proof of Deposit or Gift: Latest 3 months bank statements showing the build up of funds for your deposit and Giftors funds

  11. Proof of existing mortgage; Latest mortgage statement for subject property

This list is not exhaustive and the lender or Underwriter may ask for other documents at any time such as Marriage Certificates, Tenancy agreements, official Benefits documentation, Credit Report, Savings Accounts statements, property portfolio summary,  to name but a few.