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Whole of Market Mortgage Advice

I have access to the whole of market mortgage lenders so you don’t have to worry about getting the lowest interest rate, the right product or most cost effective mortgage; I am duty bound to recommend the right product for you.

I can advise on mortgages for Residential, Buy-to-let, Let-to-buy, first time buyer, Guarantors, Joint Borrower Sole Proprietors, the self-employed including contractor, Retirement Interest Only (RIO), 2nd and holiday home, holiday lets, as well as for those with adverse credit,


Lifetime Mortgages & Equity Release

In the 1990’s Lifetime Mortgages and Equity Release got a very bad press, and for good reason.  The introduction of Home Reversion Mortgages meant that you would sign over the entire ownership of your property for an agreed sum of money to a third part company and be able to live in it until you passed away or went into long term care.  At this point the Reversion company would take 100% possession of your property and leave your children with nothing.

In 2004 the whole sector quite rightly got a massive overhaul and became regulated.  Advisors have to follow strict Statement of Principles, homeowners must seek legal advice to ensure no conflicts of interest, no Negative Equity Guarantees were put in place, the Equity Release Council specified Product Standards with which it requires its members' products to comply.

That said, Equity Release is not the right solution for everyone and there maybe better and cheaper ways to meet your needs which will always be discussed.

For further information go to the Equity Release Council.


As a Mortgage Advisor my role is not just to get you hundred’s thousands of pounds in debt!  I have a duty of care to ensure you are aware of ways to keep the roof above you and your family’s head.

That is why I also offer services covering Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection Benefit, Family Income Benefit, Private Medical Insurance, Relevant Life, Key Person Cover, Buildings & Contents Insurance in case life were to through you an unpleasant curve ball.

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